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Real Estate Tokenization


Buy real estate tokens commercial, residential and institutional grade with a click of a button. This process allows the buyer the ability to own fractions of real estate large and small. All of this can be done within the platform with Wire, USDC, and DAI coin.

Real Estate Tokenization


Earn paid distributions from many of the properties listed.This can be paid directly to your account. 
Appreciation: Real estate can grow in value over time and the tokens will reflect that growth. Tokens can then be sold at will within Regulation guidelines. 


Exit your positions at will at any time within Regulation guidelines for that property. Once listed for sale and buyers can purchase at will at any time. Terramint’s platform is available 24/7.

Real Estate Tokenization


We take regulation seriously and file all properties as securities.  Securities will be filed as a Regulation D and Regulation S-1 which will be in the property disclosures. All tokens are ERC-20 tokens and all information is transparent and filed in IPFS

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