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Real estate investments.
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A new financial strategy: buy real estate with a click of a button, manage and diversify your real estate portfolio.

Real estate without tokenization?

Real estate is the biggest asset class in the world. At the same time, it is also one of the most illiquid investments you can make. Generally investing in real estate is hard to access, time-consuming, and capital intensive.

Tokenization will revolutionize how we invest in real estate and other asset classes!

Taking us from a world where a property is transacted once a decade, to a new reality where hundreds of transactions of that same real estate asset are executed within a day!

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Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts allow for better execution of transactions as it operates based on conditional clauses. These digital contracts allows you to exchange money, property, shares or other value items without the need for a lawyer. This allows for tokenization of properties into fractional ownership thus everyone can access and invest in it globally.


Terramint's dashboard allows investors and sellers the ability to make a transaction at a moments notice. You can also customize your portfolio with ease. The dashboard allows you to connect to your digital wallet, to see your current investments and break down revenues from real estate token holdings. Your dashboard also enables you to be able to sell on the secondary market and lets you to purchase new offerings on primary market.

Liquidity Bridge

This allows investors to connect their investment portal with decentralized finance IE DeFi. It also gives you the ability to move your liquidity from our platform to other platforms with a click of a button, including allowing you to move assets from other platforms into Terramint's dashboard.

Analytic Tools

Terramint gives you the ability add funds to your digital wallet, sell property tokens, buy property tokens, and verify performance of your assets. You also will be able to withdraw funds into fiat bank accounts.

Tokenization Protocol

This provides you a standardized method of digitizing the value of a single real estate property, either partially or in full. For example, each property will be represented by 100,000 tokens. Each token potentially represents revenues based on the activity of the property associated with the token. Furthermore, tokens can increase or decrease in value daily based on speculative market conditions.

Custom Portfolios

Terramint gives you the ability to create custom real estate portfolios. Portfolios will have all the information about users assets at the click of a button. It also helps give you the ability to manage your portfolio at a moments notice on daily basis frictionlessly.

Purchasing Tokenized Real Estate


Search for properties via the platform that fit your investment needs.


Valuate the potential performance of the real estate for your portfolio.


Execute buy & sell on the primary market and secondary market.


Monitor your investments daily or hourly in your portfolio.

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